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A hack for Pokemon Go?

Pokemon Go was released a couple of days ago and it has seen a huge surge in popularity. It took the number one spot in the Google app market almost immediately and the same thing happened in the iOS app store. You can say it revived people's interest in Pokemon and in going outside. Anywhere you go you will see people walking around catching pokemon. The release of Pokemon Go took everyone by surprise because there was no announcement by Niantic or Nintendo that the game would be released.

The game has had great reviews and most people are incredibly positive about it. That is people that live in the city, because people who live in rural areas are a little less positive about the game.

Many people however have trouble with the game. They either don't have enough Pokeballs, XP or coins and thus they are looking for a Pokemon Go Hack. It is not surprising that an app as popular as this has seen demand for a cheat or a hack, but what is surprising is that the hack was developed and released so quickly. The game has only been out for a couple of days and a hack as already been released.

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Pokemon Go Hack IOS No jailbreak, Easy 07/31/2016 06:41

The ultimate Pokémon Go tips, tricks and cheats guide for Android, iPhone and iPad.